Combining [ Video + GPS ] to Create Next Generation [ Online Maps ]


About Trail Genius

General Description:

Trail Genius is a service for all things mapping related.  Think of us as a "digital trail solution."  Whether you’re a small club with a single trail system, an event director for a marathon, or a large company representing a collection of trails or races across multiple locations, we can help.  We can work with you to enhance your online or paper map presence, or we can execute the entire mapping project for you.  No matter what your budget, we will strive to meet your mapping needs.

Our Mission:

To map the entire world, Trail Genius style!

We know there are many mapping solutions out there, but none like Trail Genius. Our mapping system provides a completely interactive virtual experience for users.  Think of us as Google Maps + real time video + GIS level GPS data, all wrapped into an orange and black candy-coated shell. 

How We Can Help You:

Clubs & Organizations

Many clubs and organizations struggle to find funding and keep up with trail maintenance.  In communities around the world, athletes and advocates donate their time and money to build trails and promote their sport.  At Trail Genius, we share this passion, and we want this hard work to pay off in a big way.  With our unique, interactive system, we can help your club put its trails “on the map."  We can give your club a powerful online presence that shows off your trails in a way that’s second only to actually being there.  And, through online advertising, our system can help generate funds for your club.  Isn’t it time to show the world you have great trails to visit?

Race/Event Directors

So many races, so little time!  Pick a sport, pick a city, pick a month – you’ll find multiple race options to chose from.  How will you make your event stand out?  Trail Genius can provide a virtual experience for your potential racers that will educate them about the course terrain and environment. Through our interactive interface you can help racers prepare for their event by highlighting aid stations, restrooms, medical tents, and other key race features. We also offer the ability to provide descriptions, links, and advertising to promote your event.

Companies and Corporations

Whether you want to publicize your trails, events, or adventure races -- or create a private environment for your projects, we can help.  Trail Genius can create a public online collection of your offerings with a branded look of your choice.  Alternatively, we can create a completely private, secure environment for your mapping needs.  Either way, you will provide a top-notch interface for sharing your locations.

Support Your Sport!

We’re always looking for opportunities to help support sports and clubs that need a louder voice.  If you are a company in the industry, an organization who wants to help, or millionaire with too much money, please contact us.  We’ve been approached by many clubs and groups with little or ZERO budget, but want to use our services to promote their trails or their sport.  We want to help make connections and find a way for all parties to benefit.