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Buckthorn Buster

Saturday, September 28, 2013
Event Description: 

Welcome to the 2013 Kewaunee BuckThorn Buster

Hosted by: North East Wisconsin Trails IMBA chapter; (NEWT).

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Saturday, September 28th, 2013

This is a classic WEMS endurance race with

12 / 6 / 3 hour categories

AND! The 2013 WEMS Wisconsin FatBike State Championship Race!

News for the Race:

  • Day of Race Registration Opens @ 6:00am till 2:30 pm
  • 12 Hr Race – 8:00am start till 8:00 pm sweep (7:45am pre-race meeting)
  • 6 HR Race – 1:00pm start till 7:00 pm sweep (12:45am pre-race meeting)
  • 3 Hr Race – 3:00pm start till 6:00 pm sweep (2:45pm pre-race meeting)
  • FatBike SC Race - High Noon start - till 6:00 pm sweep ( 11:45 pre-race meeting) (Classes: Solo M, Solo F, Duo M, Duo F)
  • Lap Distance – 6 miles (+/-)
  • Course – Flowy / technical with lots of bench cut under mostly hardwood canopy, bring your singletrack ninja skills. mixed with some ski trail and some open fields (for passing)
  • Bring lights for later laps, it will be getting dark in the river valley and the ravines before the last laps of the 12 hr / 6 hr / FatBike SC races.
  • NO TRAIL FEES on Kewaunee County Trails!
  • Camping: 1/2 price Race Special at CedarValley CampGrounds, 1/2 mile from race site on Cedar Valley Road. Contact and reservation info found at http://www.cedarvalleycampground.com/
  • call ahead and reserve your camp site, this is also the Oktoberfest weekend at Cedar Valley, hmmmm... this could get interesting.
  • Please see the WEMS Guidelines page for race rules and recommendations
  • NEWT-IMBA chapter membership drive, swag incentives for new or renewing memberships
  • Activity: Mountain Biking
  • Location: Ryan Park Trail System
  • City: Kewaunee
  • State: WI
  • Directions: Google Maps
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