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Skydive Door County

Saturday, August 18, 2012
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We’d like to welcome you to Wisconsin’s most scenic dropzone! Nowhere in Wisconsin can you have such fantastic views of Lake Michigan, be it in the plane ride up or while in freefall or floating under canopy. You’ll see it all. We have an incredible view of the entire Door County peninsula!  During your ride to altitude, you will be treated to a scenic view of Green Bay, downtown Sturgeon Bay, and the great Lake Michigan. This awesome tour is available ONLYat Skydive Door County and is included with every one of our skydives at no extra charge.  Yes, you are that important to us! Top this all off with the incredible rush of freefall from two miles high at speeds of 120 mph or more for almost a minute ending with a relaxing canopy ride down of up to 5 minutes and I think you’ll agree that nothing compares and no words can describe the exhilaration of the first time tandem skydive. Many people often dream of this experience, few dare to make it happen.  Be the one who will experience true human flight and relish in the freedom and liberation that freefall offers.. Come experience it for yourself. Call Today!


Your Tandem Skydive is designed to give you the thrill of skydiving while keeping the stress and anxiety to a minimum.  You will be attached securely and safely to a highly qualified and licensed "Tandem Master" who will guide you through the whole experience step by step. The tandem parachute is specially designed and built for two and will carry you and your instructor safely to the ground.


We feel that selecting a skydiving center is a very important decision. After reviewing this information we invite you to call 920-743-1759 or visit our skydiving facility at the Cherryland Airport in Sturgeon Bay and talk to our skydiving instructors personally. We can fully explain all your options and all the aspects of your skydiving experience.

  • Activity: Hiking
  • Location: Door County Cherryland Airport
  • City: Sturgeon Bay
  • State: WI
  • Directions: Google Maps
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