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WEMS - Stumpfarm 100

Saturday, June 7, 2014
Event Description: 


Start Times:

8:00am     Trikes to Bikes 100 mile

10:00 am  Mortgage Headquarters 60 mile

12:00 pm  Cliff Wall Subaru 30 mile

Registration Info

Welcome to the Brown County Reforestation Camp Stump Farm 100, The Reforestation Camp is a large plot of land in Suamico that is great for they endurance racing style that is WEMS.  Fast flowing single track winding through pine and hardwood forest that open up to double track for passing or grabbing a drink of water if your doing the 100 mile race.  Soil conditions are a mix of hard pack and sand that drains well in almost any weather and offer fast sometimes challenging riding surface.  Rolling hills, wooded single track, and fast double track this course is great for all skill levels hope to see you at the race.  

  • Activity: Mountain Biking
  • Location: Reforestation Camp
  • City: Suamico
  • State: WI
  • Directions: Google Maps
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