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Co-founder, Web Lackey, TG Athlete
Michigan Tech University, Civil Engineer

I was born in South East Michigan, moved to Idaho with the family till 3rd grade, then moved back to Michigan, played hockey in High School and started mountain biking, went to college at Michigan Tech, graduated a civil engineer, mountain biked, learned to tele ski, moved back to South East Michigan, designed and built timber frame and SIP homes, started running and doing triathlons, mountain biked some more, moved back to Houghton so my wife could go to Michigan Tech, became a board member for the Copper Harbor Trails Club, joined Ski Patrol, ran, biked, swam, created Trail Genius with my roommate from college.  Now I mountain bike, road bike, run, swim, tele ski, nordic ski, build trails, build trail maps, build online trail maps, race, wear the TG colors with pride, strap a camera to my head when ever possible, all at one of the most beautiful places on earth.